Frosted LED Lenses

UPC Frosted LED lensesFrosted LED lenses are acrylic light lenses that come out of an extrusion die with a textured surface similar to sandblasting. The material reacts when heated to create a texture/frosted surface.  This frosted surface diffuses the light of the LED. It can smooth and blend the appearance of the LEDs, making them less harsh.  High impact resistant grades help diffuse appearance with exceptional light transmission and high haze.

UPC Frosted LED lenses 2United Plastic Components has been manufacturing frosted LED lenses for several years.  In the past, customers had been using acrylic sheet and sand blasting it. They would first form or heat bend the acrylic and sand blast it afterwards. The frosted LED lenses remove a few of these steps, making the process much easier, and faster.

These frosted LED lenses are used for a number of things, such as store, office, and residential lighting, Point of Purchase Displays etc.  Extruded Frosted LED lenses are much more cost effective because it all but removes the labor portion of the process. You are also able to design in clipping details and other features that you ordinarily wouldn’t be able to get when just using a formed sheet. With a sheet, you’re only able to bend at certain angles and radiuses. With the LED lenses, we can custom design to your specifications and cut tooling to match that exact design.

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