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The Importance of STEM Education—For Us, Our Country, and Our Future

It’s widely recognized that one of the reasons American manufacturing has made a comeback—and one of the main ways to ensure it will continue—is through innovation.  An industry that is constantly growing, looking to the future, and making concrete progress … Continue reading

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5 trends that are changing the face of technology in manufacturing

Manufacturing technology has been on a constant uptick for several months, and information and automation systems are becoming more desirable. There’s been a constant increase in demand for robotic systems, supervisory controls, information management systems, and more. There are several … Continue reading

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The ABCs of Post-Extrusion Processes

Did you know that a wide variety of additional operations can be applied to plastic products as they emerge from dies in their extruded form? Approximately 65% of all plastics in use today pass through an extruder, and post-extrusion processes … Continue reading

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