The Importance of Quality Assurance

Blue_check.svgIn every industry, customer service and quality assurance are crucial to the success of a business.  This is especially true in manufacturing—for every company and/or product, there are a handful of competitors to whom clients can turn should something go wrong.  Furthermore, with American manufacturing coming back, quality must be assured in order to sustain this trend.

Quality assurance is the system and guidelines set forth by a company that ensures manufactured goods consistently meet established standards. It means getting everything right the first time so that a) the customer receives his or her order in a timely fashion and it is defect-free b) the manufacturer does not lose money on rework.

What are some of the many benefits of a successful quality assurance program?

  • Lower costs: When everything is done right the first time, time and money are not wasted.
  • Higher quality: Meeting set standards for quality in all aspects—from the actual manufacturing of products through customer service protocol and packaging and shipping—means a successful business.
  • Better reputation: When quality goods are produced and delivered consistently and quickly, current customers remain happy and new customers are acquired regularly.
  • Compliance to relevant standards: If a company is ISO certified, or must meet other standards, quality assurance ensures they are always met.

As a company highly focused on quality assurance, we control this in many ways. We have an ISO program in place to which we adhere stringently, making sure customers receive all parts to the proper specifications.  It’s important to stick to set quality assurance programs so that products are consistently of the highest quality, and all statistics on manufacturing processors are logged and updated.  Furthermore, retaining samples for general products for six months and up to two years for automotive products also helps.

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