Get the High-End Look of Aluminum with Single-Process Plastic Extrusions!

Did you know you can get the high-end look of aluminum and metals in single-process plastic extrusions? United Plastic Components (UPC) produces metallic finish plastic profiles — they look identical to aluminum, but they’re plastic.  In the past to get a good quality metallic finish a secondary process was required (lamination/profile wrapping).  We’ve produced a variety of forms and styles for several of our customers. Here are some photos of examples:

Using plastic extrusions as replacements for aluminum surfaces can be beneficial for manufacturers in all industries: You get the look of aluminum, or the look of a powdered coated metal finish, without the cost. At UPC, the process we use to do this is perfect for several different types of products and applications where the strength of metal is not required, but where plastic components that look like metal components can play an important role in product design and appearance.

Some examples include:

upcinc alum

  • Point-of-purchase displays – an affordable option that provides the look of high-end luxury.
  • Products with electrical wiring – when using aluminum or any type of metal isn’t an option.
  • Trim or furniture components – anyplace where the structure of metal is not required, but the look of aluminum or metal enhances product design.
  • Durable surfaces that can endure scratches – the metallic pigment is added to the base resin in a single process, so the metallic look is consistent throughout the plastic piece and can’t be scratched off (unlike painted or coated plastic pieces).
  • Products that require shipping – plastic extrusions are lighter than metal extrusions and therefore more economical to ship.

The savings you can obtain by using plastic components as a replacement for metal components are substantial. One of our clients says they save 40% on production costs by using this process with us. We’d welcome the opportunity to work with you too so you can see the same type of savings with metallic finish plastic profiles from UPC.


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