We’ll handle your production process the right way! From start to finish.

UPC tool-shop1Here at United Plastic Components, we’re proud to say that we utilize our own Tool & Die department, and use only high-quality stainless steel when we manufacture extrusion dies and punches. Some of our downstream equipment is internally designed and manufactured for custom projects to meet the specific needs of any company, at any time.

Tool and die is a very integral part of our operation.  We design and develop fabrication equipment capable of machining, routing, punching, notching and cutting some simple and some complex plastic parts used in the automotive, appliance, and construction industries. The extrusion dies and equipment are designed and manufactured to ensure customer profiles and finished parts are to customer specifications in a timely manner. That’s our expertise at UPC.

We’ll stick with you throughout the life of the production process. That means creating the tooling and making the adjustments necessary to get the profile to your specifications. Once the profiles are approved, we will run production. We make it our priority to complete your project as quickly as possible – but of course, timing of completion depends on the size, complexity of the profile, and the tooling/downstream equipment needed to complete the job.

Our tool & die makers are licensed, and take pride in what they do:

  • Preventative inspections
    • We have an in-house die polisher that will ensure that the die is clean and polished before production, and we will inspect it again after the run.
  • Rebuild or refurbish as necessary
    • If the die wears out over time, we will refurbish the tooling for you.
  • Inventory preservation
    • We maintain the tooling, and make sure it’s ready to use when we receive customer orders.

When it comes to tooling, we know it’s a significant investment in your project. So, UPC wants to help preserve your die and tooling throughout its entire production life! Give us a call at 519-235-2867 or visit the tool and die page on our website today. We’d love to let you know how we can help.

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