Small Company, Capable of Big Things.

upc inc 2From our origination in 1971, United Plastic Components has grown to become a leader in custom plastic profile extrusion. We have developed an extremely diverse client base as a result of our high-quality extruded product and service line. As experts in the development of plastic extruded shapes and profiles, we can produce a variety of products from simple tubes and channels to complex co-extruded profiles.

Originally a satellite company, our primary objective was to service the needs of a local door and window manufacturer. Four decades later, we’ve been a great resource for up-to-date trends in technology, and have made ourselves available to an array of industries and thousands of unique businesses. As an ISO 9001 certified company, our services now cover the full range of the manufacturing industry including products for swimming pools, the automotive, agricultural, appliance and construction industries to name a few. In fact, our sales have tripled from 1990 until today.

United Plastic Components prides itself in being active in the community. We’re active in the South Huron Business Improvement Association, and provide plant tours for high school students interested in working in the manufacturing industry.

upc incOur current employees receive extensive training to ensure that our clients receive top-of-the line service. We have an in-house training program that teaches our extruders the complexities of plastics, tooling, and machine operation. Our employee retention rate is extremely high, the average 16 years, and we are extremely confident in our corporate knowledge base.

For more information on United Plastic Components, our capabilities, product offerings, or to view samples of our work, please visit or call 519-235-2867!

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